Blazin Jalapeno

Can you believe that it has been over a year since our last post…what the hell is wrong with us?  Well I cannot speak for J but this damn economic crisis has affected my writing.  Right now you are asking yourself how could this affect someone’s writing?  Well when you are putting in as much time at the office as I have you just don’t feel like getting anyplace near a computer if you do not have to.  Well this is not about my problems, this is about the Doritos 1st Degree Burn Blazin Jalapeno.  First off just walking down the chip isle the bright yellow bag really catches the eye then as you get closer you notice the chip surrounded by fire and your first remark is good advertising and how hot can these really be?  Now for anyone that does not know me, I can handle hot or spicy foods and in all reality enjoy foods that make you say damn!  I also know that my wife and kids also enjoy hot and or spicy foods so thought that this would turn out to be a fun snack for all of us.

So the first one to open the bag was my oldest son who opened it while looking for a quick before dinner snack.  I had been outside BBQing and when he opened it and once I realized the bag had been opened I decided what the hell one quick chip could not destroy my appetite.  As soon as I started eating the chip I noticed the sharp burn of spice that had a very familiar taste of jalapeno.  Sometimes with other chips or snacks that claim to be hot it usually takes five pieces to start feeling the burn or even taste the spice but not this chip.  I had also noticed that after a few minutes the burn still continued and almost seemed as though it got hotter.  Within a few moments I needed a glass of water to wash down the rest of the spice and cool the burn.  I immediately went in to my sons room to see how well he did with the chips.  I started off my telling him that I just tried one and how did he like them and his response was, “They are pretty hot!”  I just laughed and told him I agreed.

After dinner we challenged my wife and youngest son to try these new amazingly hot chips and they accepted this challenge with great excitement.  As they proceeded to eat a handful of chips their response was the same…HOT!  Since our initial trial I have enjoyed these chips a few more times and noticed that this chip starts out hot and ends even hotter.  I would also recommend these chips to anyone that enjoys a spicy treat.  When I purchased this bag of Doritos they also had one called 2nd Degree Burn which had something to do with buffalo flavor as well as 3rd Degree Burn which had a habanero flavor, I am planning on trying both of these in the near future and will try to post about both of them soon.  Once again sorry for the long period of inactivity and hope to keep these posts coming.

John Mendoza

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Workout Continues!

I could not believe the amount of comments I received from my last blog.  I was surprised by how many people showed support towards my goal of losing weight.  I also received a few questions and also some new things to try that people said worked for them.  Now like I said in the beginning of the whole workout blog I said I would let you know what works for me and what does not.  Well after my first post I received so many comments I started to think what is the best way for someone to lose weight?  The answer is the support of friends and family, you can also receive support from others that you do not even know but you need to work at getting this support. 

People just do not walk around screaming go to the gym, well unless you are me, to everyone they meet.  So you have to tell people that you are trying to get into shape or just that you are working out because people are very curious creatures and every time they see you they will ask, "Are you still going to the gym?"  So in one way kind of making you accountable for going or make you hide from all of those people that you told.  You also might want to find someone to workout with that you are going to meet on the days you workout.  When you know that someone has taken time out of their schedule to meet you it feels like you will let them down by not showing up.  One hard part of that is it is almost easier to find other things to do such as lets skip the gym today and have a drink.  It is rather funny how many excesses one can make up to skip the gym than go so one of you needs to be focused on the task at hand.  Also you will run into others, who you know, but did not realize that they were going to the gym to also workout with.

You can also be motivated from people that you do not already know and there are many places to get this support.  Such as many web sites dedicated to weight loss and getting healthy and many of these sites allow you to compete with other in training and can help you set goals for yourself and see how others are doing.  I highly recommend doing this as the first step towards weight loss and health.  I also found that using, and helps to broadcast when I am at the gym and lets my support groups know that I am going and also helps to make working out a competition.  You can watch shows such as The Biggest Loser or there are a few on the Discovery Channel that talks about loosing weight.  These shows are great because if you have no idea how to workout or how to use the machines they show people on them and give great ideas toward how to mix cadio with weight training.  These shows also give great ideas for healthier eating habits and snack ideas.

I will have another post hopefully sooner than this one took but when you workout two times a day like I have been going you find it almost impossible to write.  A few of the most asked questions that I have received were, "How much weight have you lost?" and "Why don't you include your progress in your blog?"  So at the end of every blog I will include my weight lose to date and also my progress.  Last month when I blogged last, I was somewhere around seven to nine pounds of weight lose but as of Friday, which was the last time I got on a scale, I had lost sixteen pounds.  I had a minor setback during the last month of a pulled calf muscle that I believe slowed my weight lose but I worked through the pain and continue to walk on a treadmill.  I  had just began to run on the treadmill when I pulled the muscle so about two more weeks till I begin running again.

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Weight Loss!

So no one ever likes to talk about their own faults but I think that is what I am going to do for the next however long it takes for me to get down to the weight I desire.  So I guess we should start this story from the beginning and to be honest I really do not remember when I started to pack on the pounds.  I guess you could say that I probably started struggling with weight just after I turned 30.  So I started to think back what started me on my road to weight gain and the only thing I could think of was I continued to eat and drink like I was still in my 20's but in all reality that is not what this is going to be about.  I want to share some of what I have learned from hours of reading and trying to figure out how I can lose the weight without having to starve myself.  Also I want to share some of the things that have worked for me and also what has not worked for me.  Now we all know that we are all different so what works for me might not work for you but at least it might give you new ideas if you are trying to lose weight and have not been able to.

Like so many of us do I started looking for the magic pill or magic powder to get the weight off.  You see them on TV all the time and they say "Take this and take that and you will lose weight."  So lets go over a few that I have tried and in all reality did not work for me.  The first one I tried was Alli and I thought the principals behind the product were good but it basically forces you to change your eating style and if you remember at the beginning I said I did not want to starve myself and I was willing to change my diet I just didn't want a pill to force me to.  So next I tried Hydroxicut which in all reality I never noticed any results except maybe energy almost to the point of jitters.  Well in all reality I did lose weight on it but it seemed like as soon as I stopped using Hydroxicut the weight came right back on.  By the way I was exercising about 30 minutes a day so I had also realized that these magic pills were not miracle pills.  So after two unsuccessful attempts at weight lose with the magic pill I said what the hell lets try this new thing out called Acai.  In the first week I did not lose any weight but hell that is not out of the normal for magic pills but in the second week I dropped like four pounds.  The next week I dropped another three I never had results like that and started to think that I must have found the magic pill.  Well like everything else all good things must end and the weight lose stopped right after that but the one thing good is after I stopped the weight did not come back.  It had me thinking, was that the fat that just didn't want to be here anymore or what.

Well I guess all in all the only thing that I figured out from this is there is no magic pill to help you lose weight.  The only way to lose weight is the good old fashioned way of hard work.  I hope that this will be able to help someone someplace somehow.

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Wounded Warrior Program

I just received an email from a good friend yesterday that I thought I should share with the rest of the world.  I hope that he does not mind that I am going to share it but he knows me well enough to know I just do not give a shit what he thinks.  I know it is a little bit of a long read but I feel it is much worth it so here it is.

John buddy,


My wife, Rose, and daughter, Heather, are going to Germany later this month and while there they will volunteer for a few days at the USO visiting wounded troops in the US Army hospital. Rose is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major and still feels a connection with the troops. With the extra troops going to Afghanistan, there will be more wounded going through Germany on their way home.


Quite a few of these solders arrive in Germany with little or no extra clothing as they are coming right out of a field hospital in Afghanistan. We are putting together a ditty bag with a sweatshirt and tee shirt for the wounded troops. The bag will also act as a carrying case for any other items that they receive while at the hospital.

With Rose leading the way, we at Pete’s Sport Shop, with help from the folks at the post office and some other groups, put together similar bags a few years ago during the roughest part of the war in Iraq. We mailed about 150-200 bags that had a sweatshirt, tee shirt, sweatpants, socks and some toiletry items donated by Longs drug store. We heard from the chaplains office and even from a few of the recipients thanking us for the bags. It made it easy for the soldiers who could not get around very well to just pick up a bag with the items inside.

This packet will have at least a tee shirt and a sweatshirt. My wife will take about 10 sets with her and the rest we will mail to the USO.


If you are interested in sponsoring a packet, we will screen print your company name or personal name on the back of the sweatshirt. You may include your mailing address or email address, in case the recipient wants to send you a thank you note. Each packet will cost about $10 for the items and shipping costs. I can fit about 25-30 names on the back of the sweatshirt.


I plan to print and ship the packs next week. With any luck they may arrive by the time my wife arrives in Germany. If not I am sure that the USO will make sure that they get to the solders that need them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you wish to donate, please send a check made out to Pete’s Sport Shop.



Paul sends


I just feel that this letter has to get out to more people and that is why I have included it in my blog.  Just so everyone knows I have already purchased 10 bags for the wounded soldiers.  I guess the whole point of this blog is to say if anyone feels like they should or need to do something for the wounded troops coming home this is a great way to get it done.  If anyone would like to help you can contact me and I will make sure that it gets to the troops.  Just so you know everything that is collected from us the public gets to the troops.

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Crime TV

To start off I should let you know that I am a huge fan of crime television such as Investigation Discovery Channel and Crime and Investigation Channel.  Those channels have to be my favorite and I could watch them both all day long and it drives my wife crazy but I do not care this stuff can be so amazing how they solve crimes.  These shows also help me to realize, that even in today's society, the types of sick mother fuckers that move around us every day.  I am currently watching a show about a serial killer that confessed to all of these murders but with one problem, someone else was already convicted for one of those murders.  So that got me thinking about how many people are serving time for crimes that they have never committed.  Now my mind is really going in all directions because are any of us really innocent, I know, I break the law everyday when I drive to work by speeding or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and maybe by keeping that dollar that I was accidentally given back as change.  Then there are the crimes that maybe we do not consider as crimes but should be, like when you see a weaker person being verbally or even physically assaulted but we decide that's none of our business so we should just stay out of it.  It reminds me of something that happened the other day in the grocery store, I was behind a young couple and this guy was acting like he was going to punch the girl that was with him.  Over and over she told him to stop but he was just some young kid that was thinking he was tough, but I just told myself stay out of it, this is none of my business.  I also noticed that my blood had started to boil and it was time to say something but as my breaking point was reached they walked in the opposite direction than I was.  So now lets take this further and hypothetically this young person decides to act on his aggression by beating this poor girl to death am I just as guilty for her death because I did not try to put a stop to it in the store.  Just so you know I was not the only one that noticed this and chose to ignore it, there was at least 10 people that looked and then looked away.  Have we become a society that says as long as it is not happening to me then it is not happening at all.  Well hell I do not have the answers I guess just read and think what can I do in my daily life to help others around me.  Well I think I have decided to blog once again so watch out world this sick mind of mine has a lot to say.

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The Economy

What a way to start blogging again by talking about one of the most talked about subjects of the time. Now many people are trying to figure out what they are going to do next and what they are going to do in the future. I want most people to remember that this is not the first time things have been this bad but people usually start to panic before they start to think. The first thing we should go over before I go any further is that I already know that this will piss some people off and if you read this and get mad then just maybe I am talking about you.

Now to fix something you have to first know how it broke. In my opinion we did this to ourselves us as Americans believe that we need great riches and all the toys that are available. Three years ago or so people came to me and said you should buy some homes to flip. I guess I should give you some background information. I am the type of person that puts in ten hours a day at work and when the weekends come that is my time to just be me and don't do anything, except maybe now I will start writing about things that I feel. So when someone told me to flip a house all I thought about was this will never get done I would buy a home and it would sit empty for a year, I would never touch it, and then sell it for less than I bought it. So of course my answer to these friends of mine was I don't have the time for this kind of shit so leave me alone. So we broke it by buying way more than we could afford and everyone is to blame for this because we all let it happen. See a long time ago the American dream was a nice home and two cars in the driveway. Someplace that was not good enough people needed more than a nice home and it turned into two or more homes and enough cars that even the baby in the crib has something to drive.

Now that we have determined how the economy was broken we have to figure out how to fix it. Let's talk a little more about me because what kind of piece of shit would I be if all I ever did was bitch about something. I hate those blogs that say everything is wrong and bitch, bitch, bitch and that is it. If you think there is something wrong in this world help people fix it don't just complain about it. So I am going to start with something a friend told me the other day because it really fits in with what I am going to say. He subscribes to some super sales motivational speaker or something like that I really don't know who he is or what he talks about but this guy is brilliant. He told me that this guy had sent an email out that says that we need to start doing things different than everyone else. That if everyone is doing the same thing and it is not fixing the economy then we need to start doing things different and something about that by the time we hear something is working everyone else is already doing it so basically we need to start thinking outside the box. So here is where I was going with this, around a year ago when I felt that this is the place that we were going I started to tell the people that work for me we need to start pricing for six months from now we need to get our prices up now to adjust ahead of the curve not behind it. Now we are not as busy as we normally would be this time of year but we are still here and still working. This was not all planned some was luck but a lot of it had to do with planning for the future. You are saying how does this help me now. Well here is the answer I have been giving all of my friends. This is no time to be proud if you have to do something that is out of your job qualifications then do it. If you have to work at a fast food restaurant to feed your family then do it. If you see someone you know and they make fun of you or look down on you tell them at least you choose this than welfare. See at least you would be helping the economy than hurting it.

Good luck this year but the people that are supposed to know what is going to happen say this year is going to be worse than last year. I am not trying to be negative but I am trying to get my point across to wake up. It is not government that is going to fix this economy but us. We broke it now we have to change to fix it. Throwing money at a problem has never fixed anything it only enables us to keep doing things the wrong way.

The Angry Blog!

I think it is once again time for the angry blog.  Everyday I will try to find something that pisses me off.  I have noticed too many stupid people in this world and I am going to write about it in a funny way to make it all seem better.  I hope all that might read will enjoy and can add some input.

California Cell Phone Law

This new law is a joke. Well lets start off by saying that the law is a good idea but how do you police this new law. Cell phone technology has come so far that most cellphones are too small to detect while driving. Also the bluetooth technology is way behind the times because with almost every device that I have owned has had horrible reception and the phone is less than five feet away. I guess the other option is a wired headset but my cellphone does not have that option so what do I do well I drive around using my cellphone with my hands. Now here is the bad part I am able to do two things at the same time you know like drive and talk on the phone. Some people out there can not do this and should not attempt this but here is where this law really gets stupid now the people who could not drive and talk on the phone at the same time have now added looking for the police so instead of doing two things at the same time they are doing three. The only true way to get people to stop talking on their cellphone while driving is to up the fines and fees make it so expensive or difficult that people never want to talk and drive again.

Life in the Fast Lane.

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day about how I am feeling old.  Now to start I guess I should let you know that I am only thirty six years old.  I am still surprised to still be alive.  Now the person I was talking to is just getting ready to turn fifty and has already had a complete lung replacement.  The funny part of this story is that we were talking about all the bad and horrible things we have done to our bodies with all the excessive drinking and what not.  The best line that night was "Hell if I would have know I was going to live this long I would not have done that five pounds of crank" he said "I would have sold that shit and got my money back"  Never in my life had I ever heard something so funny but true.